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Matte Skin 50ml
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50ml Matte Skin

We are making 50ml jars of MATTE Skin now - It works out you will get more Medium for less (Per ml)

Matte Skin is I Art Reborns Heat Set Paint medium. The medium is applied to your doll as a final layer, creating a realistic look and protective surface for your doll. The medium can be pounced with a sponge. The medium cures with a slight Matte to give the effect of naturally radient skin. WORKS WITH ALL HEAT SET PAINTS OR MEDIUMS! 


MATTE Skin is so easy to use, I use direct from the pot after giving it a good mix around, pounce a CLEAN brand new squidgy sponge in the matte skin and coat the end of the sponge with a thin layer. I think hold the arm and start pouncing on the hand and make my way up to the shoulder, being careful to spread the paint as thinly and evenly as possible. I bake each limb whilst wet, you can usually get away with pouncing two limbs at a time to bake together if you work quickly.  bake for 12 minutes, flipping the limb at approx mid bake.




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