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One PLBD Tutorial DVD. Please choose your DVD from the drop down menu.

Rooting DVD- Please note in advance, the last cutting second is purely for demonstrational purposes, there isnt any sound. Should you need further instructions you can use the subtitle button for instructions

These DVDs were created by reborn artists Cassie Peek and Rachel Maynard to give an in depth tutorial in each area of reborning, in the comfort of your own home. Filmed using a range of both far an close up shots the girls show you step by step instructions on how to create a reborn doll.

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INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please note:  All of the PLBD and I ART REBORN DVD's are fomatted in PAL. The USA uses NTSC and some DVD players and Televisions will not play the DVD's. The majority of TV and DVD players are now automatically programmed to switch formats, and so will not have a problem playing the DVD's, although we cannot guarantee that these DVDs will work with your TV/DVD player. You should be able to play your DVD's on your computer, through an Xbox/ PlayStation or if you have a DVD player that plays DIVX. We are not able to offer a refund on a purchased DVD if it cannot be played, so please bare this in mind before purchasing. All sales are final and NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED FOR DVDS YOU ARE UNABLE TO PLAY ON YOUR CHOSEN SYSTEM
Though a rarity, we have encountered a few customers who have not been able to successfully play their DVDs on their home players but have been able to use the link below to play through the computer. 
There is free software (DIVx) easily available to download to ensure that the DVDs can be played on your computer.  Download it for free here:


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