PREORDER UPDATES~ Please check back here for more Preorder updates

Leelou by Cassie Brace will be available to preorder from in late September. 

Juniper by Sabine Altenkirch- Junipers invoiced and ready to ship

Sienna Rae by Cassie Brace- In stock and ready to ship, please complete your final balance at the soonest opportunity

Sabine Triplets Elaina, Emmie and Ethan- The triplets Preorder has now closed. Kits are on their way as from the 17th September, we expect them to arrive shortly

Pearl mermaid baby by Shawna Clymer- In Stock and ready to ship please complete your final balance payments.

Maddisons Preorder is now closed, the final edition is yet to be confirmed but we will keep you updated with the expected dates of delivery.

Emilee Preorder is now closed and the final edition is yet to be confirmed, we will update as soon as we know expected delivery dates.

Knox by Laura Lee Eagles- Knox is due for release on the 24th Of SEPTEMBER... please complete your final balance payments so we can ship the kits are quickly as possible.


ANNOUNCEMENT- Important Changes, please read:
Some big changes are on the near horizon for us and I Art Reborn. We have loved serving our loyal customers and friends over the last couple of years but it’s time for us to make some bold and brave changes that will allow me as an artist to grow and grant the time to work with what I really love and enjoy. My love of sculpting and reborning has unfortunately been put on pause for a long time now in order to fulfil the demanding needs of a supplies company and I have had little time to concentrate on the arts that interest me most more and more over time. As a friend recently worded it, I am an artist pretending to be a business woman when all I really want to do is enjoy is my art. This couldn’t ring truer for me. 
I Art Reborn has been our baby and we have worked tirelessly to provide the best possible service we can to our customers and a large selection of relevant and quality supplies. I know many of our customers will agree that it really is a fantastic one stop shop and offers a quality service and the best price tags around. The hard work has not come without its own price though and whilst we are thrilled to see ‘our baby’ grow and serve so many customers and do so well, it has been equally hard bearing on both my Art, our personal lives and home. In order to make my artistic and our personal goals realistically achievable we are downsizing the company considerably to allow ourselves more freedom and most importantly time.

I Art Reborn will no longer stock doll kits and regular reborning supplies. We will only be selling our own Brand Products, including DVDs, Needles, Ultra Newborn Eyes and flat backs, Slumberland mohair and Dewy Skin. Over the next couple of weeks we will keep the shop open for customers to purchase any supplies or kits they may need and the cart will close on Sept 30th. During this time we will not be restocking any supplies or current kits.

For customers with outstanding preorders with I Art Reborn, we will of course honour and for fill those as promised. Most Preorders are already on their way (Knox, Triplets and Juniper) and we hope to have those invoiced and shipped within the next few weeks.
We will also be stocking Miracle by Laura Lee Eagles. Her release date is yet to be determined, but all kits will be sold ready to ship (rather than preorders) from on the announced date. 
We will next we exhibiting our last supplies stand at the Discover Doll show October 12th at the Peterborough West Holiday Inn, where we will have a sale of all the products and kits we will no longer be retailing. We would love to see you there and can promise you will be in for a treat!

My husband, Aston, will reopen I Art Reborn in mid-October, retailing just our own brand products as listed above. We want to thank everyone who has supported our store in the last few years and we hope you will still be back to buy our gorgeous Ultra Newborn Eyes, splendid Dewy skin and stunning Slumberland Mohair. 

We are excited for what amazing things the future holds and I am itching to get back into the swing of reborning and sculpting.
The Best Is Yet To Come.



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